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“Working with Valerie is worth years of conventional therapy!  Silvia Kratzer

She lasers in on the areas that keep you stuck and like a virtuoso artist helps you clear out the old and create the new.

Her mastery of unique techniques combined with her finely tuned understanding of the human soul creates a truly extraordinary coaching experience that delivers results fast.”

Silvia Kratzer, Los Angeles, CA

Recently, when working with a Coach, it was pointed out to Valerie that the Clearing & Coaching work she does is extremely powerful in helping those who have tried many helping approaches, and find that the issues they struggle with continue to occur and recur. While every approach has it’s place and value, this is also true for Clearing which is the type of Transformational Coaching Valerie uses, where you are rarely given advice, but instead, led through a series of techniques to discover, uncover, and recover your True Self, which you need to know and maintain if you are to have happy, fulfilling relationships, and an awesome life of your choosing!
Clearing, which has it’s foundation in yoga, is based on how the mind is constructed, including the emotional, physical and spiritual dimensions of the individual. Clearing is especially well suited to provide you with freedom from constructs of the mind, by bringing them to consciousness and getting to the root cause of why the attitude was taken on, and what the individual was trying to indirectly accomplish by taking on the belief. Once discovered, it no longer has value for the individual, who can now accomplish their aims more directly.
Here are some more comments from clients:


“You are indeed a person that I never forget. Your gift is putting someone at ease with no judgment. That allows so much honesty to unfoldYou are a shining light and come from a pure place. This is rare in spiritual teachers. You allow the best of the person to come forth. Your beautiful energy brings forth the real truth. The reason for being here comes to mind. Thank you.”


“Just a line to thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to express myself in terms which have until now been foreign to me. I appreciate your compassion and professionalism in dealing with my Clearing. I do feel different and more alive than before.”


“My sessions with Valerie proved to be tremendously helpful and enlightening. Her warmth and compassion gave me trust. Her tender listening skills and caring nature gave me the comfort to speak freely and openly about my deepest feelings. Her professional training and fine sense of judgment helped me to open the door and move forward confidently towards my natural calling. I was able to see through the self defeating attitudes that were holding me back. The answers seem so clear today, but years may have been lost in frustration had she not been there as a “gentle guide.” Thank you so much, Valerie.”


“You helped me more in one session than the help I got from 6 months with a psychiatrist.”


“The emotional release work that Valerie does is tremendous. I had the most, deepest, release and healing that I have ever experienced with a healing professional. She’s thorough, sensitive and highly intelligent. The sessions I went through with her and what I learned about myself were extremely profound and beneficial. My life opened up.”


This is what one client said during a Clearing Session, after a big breakthrough:

“This is the first time I have had a clear awareness of what happened to me, how I learned to operate in the world, and of course that led to a breakdown in myself and in my self-confidence, and fundamental ok’ness in life. It p***** me off, that this is the first time I’m seeing this. It’s been 25 f****** years, and I haven’t seen a clear path. I’ve been struggling all this time with stuff that isn’t the point. The point is: I get to choose who I want to be and declare that to the world. I get to declare who I am in the world and I get to be OK with that. This feels big, and it’s difficult to put into words. I can see how my self-esteem got torn down, and how I have to build it up. How do I rebuild those pieces now that I see that? My basic ok’ness “You’re OK.” … accepting what is.  “I am OK” fundamentally.”

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Valerie says: “As one client had a powerful breakthrough, I jotted down what she said while she spoke, in point form, so some points are only the highlights of her words. Her comments were an extraordinary blessing, as what poured through her sounded like things I have read in scripture. This opens my heart every time I read it. I hope you will also receive it as a blessing. Here is what she said as Truth poured forth, with her comments about Clearing below them.”

“I took on a Martyr complex as a way out, an excuse so I can cope with all the hardships

I need to find a reason and value in it. Why???

​True Self said:

  • I’m the Reason – I did it all for Love.

  • I’ve done it for a Higher Calling

  • To serve the Divine

  • To serve the Christ.

  • I would have done anything that calling asked me to do.

  • Feeling of Oneness, really belonging.

  • Compassion, understanding and love.

  • I did it for love, and I did it gladly.

  • The Love I get from that Presence is really my True Home.

  • There’s nothing you could do for humanity that would ever be enough.

  • I’m Pure Love.

  • Presence – True Mother/Father.

  • It’s all purposeful and it’s also mysterious.

  • There’s no way to satisfy people, you just love them.

  • The presence – “I” has it’s own agenda.

  • ​The True Self doesn’t suffer.

  • ​Nothing satisfies the Divine, but service through Love.

  • The human is built to want.

  • Ego needs desire and it’s put there by God – so it interacts, so soul can grow, raise up energies of all creation; it’s not static.

  • Just give love, without asking for a single thing – so people can be who they want to be – no conditions.

  • We’re not blamed when we fall short, because we did it out of love. Nothing’s wasted – we forget who sent us and why we came; Divine Self came to love and serve God.

  • It’s all love.

  • We lose track, connection, but no one’s blaming us.

  • We know there’s more, nothing on earth can satisfy that emptiness; it’s the Divine Calling.

  • I can say to my Divine Self – “What can I do today to serve You.”

  • That’s the Higher Caller.

  • 2 needs – need for God and need for human.

  • So it’s all good, even the struggles and forgetting… still someone there that’s never going to go away.

  • It’s a sacrifice – to be embodied, to be evolved, to help the energies, to pull them up to a higher state. All sorts of energies need to be transmuted. We’re serving our higher Self by doing this.

  • ​Story: I was told you can move on. “What’s that cry?” I want to go back.

  • We do it out of love and we forget, so we identify with all the problems.

  • Some are shut down intentionally, so they can get involved. They couldn’t participate without being shut down.

  • It’s a real sacrifice, when we have to forget.

  • I used to cry “Why did you leave me, abandon me?” It’s not true. He’s always there.

  • The Higher Self is Sovereign – the Knower of all – beyond what the human mind can perceive.

  • Oh, I must remember the picture of the road and the Presence is there looking at me, waiting for me, and I did this for love, pure love.”

​Regarding these Clearing & Coaching sessions, the client above provided this statement:

“It’s a fast way to God. You cut through a lot of red tape.  This process can be a breakthrough for people to see the ego for what it is; when that illusion is unveiled a person gets a whole new perception. You’re getting fast results  – you can cut out months and years of work. It has changed how I look at life and people now. I see a different perspective. If you really want it, it means you’re ready. It’s a nice reasonable rate and serves a higher purpose. If you’re ready to do this, expect the results. It’ll happen.”

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