Meet Valerie

Valerie Heavens, M.Ed, M.Y.  

Transformational Coach,
Evolutionary Growth Facilitator,
Certified Advanced Yoga Teacher


Early in my life, I became fascinated by the light in people’s eyes. What is that light? Where does it come from? Why do some have brightly lit eyes, while other eyes appear dull? And why were my own eyes bright on some days, dull on others? This fascination took me into various paths of study into human nature, including psychology, sociology, philosophy, and various personal and spiritual growth paths, the most profound having their roots in yoga, where I delved deeply into understanding the mind, emotions, body and spirit. Interestingly, the word yoga means “union.” And I received many answers about the light in our eyes, which are often referred to as the windows to our soul.

Early in my adult life, I became aware that my purpose was to help people go to God through Relationship. That’s what’s been burning in the depth of my soul, and that’s what I set out to learn more and more about how to accomplish.  There is a driving desire, a deep longing within each one of us, which might be called an “urge to merge.” When the attraction is strong enough, it’s like we want to get inside each other’s skin, knowing that some deep fulfillment is available if we could just get there. What I’ve discovered are profound practices that give us the ability to experience deep connection and Oneness, within ourselves with our Divine Source, and also deep connection with others.  Here, these longings are fulfilled.

During my dating years, I wanted to find a man who I could share my life with, and to me that included having children. Yet it seemed that every man I got serious with either wouldn’t, couldn’t, or shouldn’t have children.  It was extremely mystifying to me, why this process of finding a suitable mate was so challenging for me.  By doing my inner work, I uncovered a decision I made at an early age which was preventing me from attracting a man that I would have children with. Going deeper, I also received a clear message, expressed through a painting I had created, as well as from hearing an inner voice, that said “They’re all your children. Others have given them bodies; you’re here to serve them spiritually.”  

The Answers are Within Us:  To live a life of authenticity and fulfillment, we need to access our own inner truth.  I have found the best way to do this is with a Clearer or Coach who adds their attention and expertise to help clear the barriers created by our ego, mind and repressed emotions. I often feel humbled and blessed to have received such a clear message that it is not my path to have my own children, but it is my path to serve others.  This has brought me tremendous peace and clarity.  I am happy to now be married to a man who is also committed to spiritual growth and service.  And there is nothing that brings me greater satisfaction than to support people in their personal and spiritual development, as well as in having healthy, loving, deeply connected relationships.

I call relationships “The Ultimate Growth Path.” I’ve always cared deeply about relationships, and I am here to offer the gifts that I have developed in helping you have the deep fulfilling love in your life that we all long for.

This journey is for the courageous souls that are willing to face all the barriers that come up within us when we embark on fulfilling this desire for deep relating.  In the process, we heal from what is incomplete from past relationships. In fact, our natural attraction will lead us very deliberately to partner with someone who will bring up all these past issues for healing as we deepen in our contact with them.  The system is rigged for this very purpose, so why not get into alignment with what we are being called to do?

The path of relationships is strewn with shipwrecks, and navigating these waters can be tricky and treacherous at times. Yet improving our ability to relate brings the most fulfillment to our lives that we can have.  In fact, it’s why we’re here, as I see it. We’re here to relate! The Divine Formless One cannot relate with itself, which is why this One manifests as many.  We are here engaged in a LILA, which is a Sanskrit term for “gods and goddesses at play.” Our lives are filled with comedies and tragedies as we engage.  And when it gets too difficult, we may choose to try to disengage, to isolate, to resist relationship.  But how long does that last, and what do we have to do to repress the strong desire for relationship?  What do we do to keep our life full of distractions, or how do we dull our senses with toxic substances, so we don’t have to feel the pain and emptiness of separation that comes with shutting down our hearts and trying to get out of the game we came here to play?

Whether you are single and longing for that special love, or in a relationship that you want to enliven and deepen, I’d like to serve you in your quest.  I’ll help you to know who you are, so you can stand in your power, and not lose yourself in your relationships.  I’ll give you practices and methods to clear the obstacles that stand in your way of deepening the contact you have with your loved ones, so that you can experience greater fulfillment in your life.  And you’ll learn ways to magnetize your relationships, so you can enjoy the Divine Dance that you came here to experience.

I’m also available to support you in fulfilling your quest for Enlightenment, to know the Absolute Truth directly, so you have certainty about who and what you are, and what others are. With this certainty, no one can ever take this away from you or convince you otherwise. When you know, through your own direct experience, the wisdom is yours. The depth of fulfillment is yours.  In my estimation, there is no greater gift that you can give yourself.

For those interested in my resume…

​Valerie has over 3 decades of experience in facilitating the personal and professional development of others. She has worked with individuals, couples and groups privately and has been a Training and Development professional ​ in numerous organizations including health care, human services, advanced education, business & industry, government, and those promoting the development of human potential.

Valerie has a Masters in Education degree from the University of Toronto, specializing in Adult Education and Developing Human Resources, and a B.Sc. in Home Economics, specializing in Family Studies, from the University of Alberta, Canada. She has been certified as a Master of Yoga by the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers, and has had numerous additional in-depth trainings. Some of these include training in Mind Clearing, Spiritual Emotional Release, and Enlightenment Intensive Masters Training, from the Sanatana Dharma Foundation and the Dyad School of Enlightenment. She has been involved with Clearing and Coaching for over 20 years, and continues her own development through numerous mentoring and training programs.


Valerie uses Transformational Processes

to support your Evolutionary Development

Here are a few words describing some of these processes and how they work:

I utilize the Art of Feminine Presence™, Mind & Emotion Clearing, Psychosynthesis methods, Coaching, Dyad Work, Experiential Process Based Workshops, and Enlightenment Intensives, which I experience as extremely profound forms of service to the evolutionary development of individuals. It is difficult to make true progress in our growth when we don’t know who and what we are, and these well-tested techniques and processes give us an opportunity to discover this for ourselves. Many of the methods used have their foundation in ancient yogic scriptures, and compliment the practices of yoga in all it’s various names and forms.  They bring deeper understanding to any personal and spiritual development path an individual has chosen. Often people have “stuck spiritual growth experiences” which they have trouble integrating, and this can hold a person up. I enjoy working with people to integrate these spiritual growth experiences so they can enhance the individuals life and support them in moving ahead in their evolutionary process.

I use a lot of Clearing techniques, and one of the most powerful things that Clearing can do is uncover and clear fixed attitudes and beliefs about ourselves, others and life, many which we formed in early childhood. These create sub~personalities or states of being that we often act from instead of our true Self. All of these inner states have their basis in incomplete and unresolved relationships from our past. Unless cleared, integrated, or continuously managed, these beliefs and states continue to create the same patterns in our life over and over again, especially in our relationships! As people age, these patterns become increasingly entrenched.  Some of these patterns are created by emotional trauma, experiences we held out because they were too intense to let in. There are also many other areas we focus upon when we work together to clear the mind and emotions. I have deep compassion for the challenges that individuals experience as a result of these fixed beliefs and states. They interfere as we strive to have harmonious relationships, meet our goals, access and live our purpose, and contribute our gifts. No one can tell us how to be ourselves. My commitment is to serve you in your self discovery and evolutionary unfolding, so you can live joyful and free, enlivened with purpose and fulfillment, experiencing and expressing from authenticity. Wishing you much love and many blessings. ~Valerie