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The Art of Feminine Presence™

Workshops and Individual Coaching:

Introductory Workshops are followed by groups of “5 Weekly Classes” and day long Intensives, where women have an opportunity to do practices to access and embody their feminine essence. Learn more here.

PRIVATE SESSIONS: Clear Mind Private Sessions Do your own inner work to prepare yourself for the love you want in your life. Clear away the baggage from past relationships so you are “Clear & Free” to be with the one you love in deep satisfying contact. Clear the emotions and false beliefs that create the landmines of reactivity that get activated when your relating deepens.



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Join us for this course where you’ll receive valuable information, but most importantly, you’ll get down to the real work of creating the internal space you need for deep fulfilling relationships.  You’ll get together in dyads, triads, and small groups, and participate in processes that will develop your abilities on the spot, not just as homework assignments, although you’ll have some of those too.

  • Stand in Your Power ~ Clarify who you are, and identify when you give yourself away, where you need to strengthen your boundaries, and what you can do to maintain yourself in relationship with others.  You’ll develop practices to connect with the depth of your own soul, where you can seek the inner guidance that is specifically meant for you. And you’ll explore what you need to do to take good loving care of yourself, a pre-requisite for developing deep loving relationships.

  • Deepen the Contact ~ Identify the “landmines” that come up that create reactivity in relationships, forcing and resisting patterns, and emotional barriers to the deep love you desire.

  • Enjoy the Divine Dance ~ Learn more about how to magnetize your relationships, how and when to get into your feminine energy, how and when to get into your masculine energy, and the courageous practices you can undertake to keep the passion and magnetism alive.

MAGNETIZE YOUR RELATIONSHIPS LIVE COURSE: The same as the online course, but offered live in the Asheville, NC, USA area.


You will learn a powerful contemplation and communication practice that will increase your ability to know yourself, and deepen the contact you have with others in relationships. You will be able to do these practices at home with your friends and loved ones, and there will also be ongoing Dyads and Triads that you can join in with on a regular basis, online and potentially in person in the Asheville NC USA area.  You’ll be able to purchase individual 2 hour sessions, or packages of sessions at reduced prices. Dyads are used during the “Magnetize Your Relationships” Course, and on “Enlightenment Intensives” where you will recognize the incredible value of continuing to do these practices.

 ADVANCED TRAINING PROGRAMS: These will be introduced and offered according to the needs that are evolving in the groups.



Clearing Intensives are 2 to 5 days long, with a minimum of 4 hours of private session work a day, usually split up into two, 2 hour sessions, with flexibility to add more time according to what serves you best.  A schedule will be co-designed with you so that you get maximum benefit from your private intensive. These can be done via Skype, or you can rent a cabin in the Asheville, NC area to have your sessions in person. We can also discuss arranging for your intensive at another location that you would prefer.



Cutout 10This is a 4 day residential retreat, generally beginning on a Wednesday evening, and ending Sunday at noon, where you do intensive Contemplation & Communication Dyad Work with the intention to Directly Experience the Truth of Who you are, What you are, What Life is, or What Others are.  The design of this training has been fine-tuned and researched extensively, and is said by it’s founder to increase your chances of Enlightenment by over 100 times that of traditional meditation techniques.

Let us know if you’d like to sponsor one in your area.



Rest Retreat

Most of us are extremely exhausted from the stresses and responsibilities of life, and we desperately need a break. Yet it can be difficult to deeply rest without support.  We often keep ourselves busy and over indulge to avoid or repress our emotions, and keep ourselves distracted to avoid our mind.  Therefore, simple rest can bring up crises, and we are here to support you with all you’ll need to get through this.  It is recommended that for each 10 years of your life, you take one week of rest, where you unplug from the world, and do nothing but rest.  There may be times that you’ll feel like you want to journal, or walk, play with artwork supplies or pick up a musical instrument, but these will only be encouraged when the desire comes from within, not as a distraction, but as an internal calling, which we’ll help you to distinguish. Starting with a one week retreat will do you a lot of good if you find it difficult to arrange for a longer time.  We encourage energizing healthy food, and are available for individual Mind and Emotion Clearing work during your retreat.  Additional services, such as massage, might also be arranged to help you relax. Contact us if you would like to arrange a time for a supported rest retreat. We’ll help you design the retreat that is right for you.