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VIDEO: What makes help helpful? What is a thought and how is it cleared from our minds. How are emotional blockages created? Here’s an introduction to how Clearing processes work.

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Clearing consists of two people working together using a series of specialized contemplation and communication techniques to help clear the mind and emotions. We uncover and resolve unconscious beliefs that may be creating patterns of recurring difficulties in your life. 

Current problems are dealt with first, and then you can focus on deeper issues that may be sabotaging your success, as you define it. We work on those aspects of your life that you feel are burdensome, such as problems in relationships, feelings, money, health, creativity, mental clarity and success.

During these sessions there is no analyzing, advice or beliefs offered. The process allows you to resolve one important matter after another, at your own pace. The results are absolutely amazing! [See what others have said  Here.]

Clients experience coming home to who they really are, with better relationships, clearer boundaries, and more ability to get on with the projects they find important.

Make rapid progress on any problem or project that effects your relationships and your life, some of which include challenges with:


  • Finding a Love Relationship

  • Maintaining a Healthy Relationship

  • Communication

  • Self-Confidence

  • Conflict

  • Health

  • Criticalness

  • Time

  • Guilt

  • Wealth

  • Transitions

  • Enjoying Life    

Clearing your beliefs, attitudes and emotions will benefit you in all areas of your life!

Why would you want to clear your mind?

It is mind which stands between you and: 

  • experiencing the love that you are

  • freedom to relate with others in the present moment, clear from past relationship issues

  • joyful openness, happiness and laughter

  • making clear choices that come directly from you, rather than opposites  of the mind, which create indecision

  • the ability to experience the moment as it is, unaffected by belief systems and attitudes formed in the past as a way of making sense of our world

  • radiant light that shines through your eyes, the windows to your soul

  • the Absolute Truth of who you are, so clearing the mind gives you an opportunity to directly experience true and transformational enlightenment.


  • Increase personal power.

  • Act with clarity and confidence, coming from who you are and what you value.

  • Improve ability to relate clearly and directly with others, with more reality.

  • Maintain boundaries and take care of your needs while in relationship.

  • Remove destructive thinking, feeling, and behavior patterns.

  • Resolve problems in relationships, work, family, finances…

  • Access and express creativity.

  • Experience emotional health.

  • Have a clear mind, and a life that works.

  • Experience deeper, more satisfying relationships.

  • Increase focus and concentration, especially helpful for work, projects and meditation

  • Increase ability to relax deeply and sleep well, contributing to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

  • Decrease stress, contributing to greater happiness and effectiveness in all areas of life

  • Be at peace with your past, and inspired about your future.

  • Feel energetic, spontaneous, and alive.

  • Experience openness and radiance, which is your natural condition.

  • Have a brighter and clearer awareness, and increased intelligence.

  • identify and clear fixed mental attitudes and belief systems that hold us back in life

  • Turn problems into projects, and be free.

  • And More

Want to inquire about receiving PRIVATE SESSIONS?  Click to Schedule Button

Request a Complimentary Discovery Session.