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  • how we know when we are not “centered.”
  • what we can do when our “buttons” gets pushed, and we become reactive.
  • an introduction to a model that can help us understand where our “reactivity buttons” are located.

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STAND IN YOUR POWER  10437451_708640645875549_7915271550316188635_n

Discover, Uncover, Recover Your True Self

  • When you stand in your power, others go through changes. Can you let this happen, or do you become a chameleon, changing your colors so others will be more comfortable?

  • Do you wonder what it means to have boundaries, and are you comfortable letting others know where your boundaries are?

  • Do you often give up a lot of what you love to do, and join others in what they do?

  • Do you often feel like you lose yourself in relationships?

  • If you were to move to a place where you don’t know anyone, would you know how to decorate your space, shop for clothes, seek out entertainment… or have you often relied on the opinion of others to help you make choices?

  • When you hear that it is good to follow your passion, do you know what that is for you?

  • When you try to meditate, sit quietly, or turn your attention inward, do you find it uncomfortable, so you’d rather stay busy, or have sound in the environment to keep your attention off of your inner thoughts and emotions?

Relationship and Self-Mastery Clearing, Coaching and Training Programs are available to help you know who you are, so you can stand in your power, and co-create deeply fulfilling relationships with others. Contact Valerie for a 30 – 45 minute Discovery Session to explore how you might get the support you want.

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Charles Berner set out to investigate what is at the base of everything we do. He discovered that if we keep asking ourselves why we want to do things, it all comes down to our deepest desire to relate with others, to serve others, to love and be loved by each other. Can your relate?

  • It is within relationships that we experience our deepest fulfillment.

  • Our whole purpose for being here is to relate

  • Relationships are the Ultimate Growth Path.

  • Improve your relationships with others and your life will improve.

  • When your eyes meet another’s eyes, do you find you want to look away?

  • When you get into a relationship, do you find it difficult to be vulnerable, and talk about what really matters to you?

  • When you get into an intimate relationship, do you find that as the contact deepens, you get increasingly reactive, anxious or angry?

  • Have you discovered what I call “reactivity buttons” and find it difficult to remain centered and loving while discussing challenges in your relationship.

  • Do you often experience the same patterns in your relationships with others?

  • Do you find yourself thinking about and speaking about what you think another is doing wrong? Are you involved with criticizing, comparing or complaining, often wanting to see another change in some way?

Relationship and Self-Mastery Clearing, Coaching and Training Programs are available to help you resolve your inner conflicts, clear charged energy and those reactive buttons stored within your mind and emotions, and assist you with loving conscious communication so you can co-create deeply fulfilling relationships with others. Explore how you might get the support you want by contacting Valerie for a 30-45 minute Complimentary Discovery Session.

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  • I call Relationship The Divine Dance, where the Divine One has taken the form of many individuals, so we experience our deepest fulfillment while relating. Getting beyond the mental and emotional constructs to experience deep loving connection is something for which we all yearn.

  • The word LILA might be used  as an acronym to remind us to Live In Loving Awareness, a wonderful focus for our relationships. LILA is also a Sanskrit word for gods and goddesses at play, where we see individuals as having embodied, to relate in comedies and tragedies and all that life brings us. As we develop the ability to relate with increasing depth we have a deeper spiritual connection where true love flows freely, without conditions. As individuals we can make choices about the type of relationships we want to have, and choose freely based on what will best serve, rather than on societal conditioning and preconceived ideas.

  • All of life is made up of polarities, and these can create conflicts within us and between us if we don’t understand this. One of these polarities is the dance between the masculine and feminine energies in life. As we understand these, we can more fully enjoy what we each bring to the table.

  • We all have both the masculine and feminine within us. However, along the spectrum, there is a place where we rest. In general, men are more masculine and women are more feminine, but each individual must determine their own natural tendencies. There are skills associated with both that we can all learn.

  • Do you know how to get into your feminine energy and when it is helpful and healing to do this?

  • Do you know how and when to get into your masculine energy, and when it is helpful and useful to do this?

  • Can you polarize the energy in your intimate relationships, so you can enjoy the dance with a special someone in your life?

  • Could you learn more about keeping a balance between the use of will and surrender, in your relationships with others, and in your relationship with your Higher Self, or the Divine Formless One which manifests in all the various names and forms.


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